Is it wrong that I tend to dance up and down in front of the tv whenever a character I hate dies?


That’s not weird at all! I don’t quite dance, but something similar!


That’s crazy! I guess I do have some of that ‘tough love’ too, I’ve seen things in the internet, like pages and blogs dedicated to me and they make fun of me because of my youtube videos, the ones I used to do when I was younger.


Well maybe I do have, that’s the mostly likely but I honestly don’t know - wait, I remember Tyler telling me that they were calling me Dylan O’Boner on the internet, maybe that’s it?!

The internet is one crazy place. YouTube videos? Man, you’ve literally given them something to eat you up about! You still do them now?

Dylan O’Boner. Oh my god, that’s worse than Captain Kock!

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I think we have all been there, but I hate it, its the time when I turn off except when I am happy about the death


Agreed! And yes, some characters just… Really have to go.


Yes, yes it is! Oh, don’t be ashamed - it’s an acquired taste, I suppose. Not a lot of people want to sit through so much murder and sex and incest… but there are dragons. Oh, risqué is one word for it!


Like wine and stuff? I mean I’m all for scandal, but I’m not sure if Thrones is a little too much. Although… Dragons… I may have to give it a watch!


Yes and it sucks. 


Intuition tends to. I suppose it’s from us being actors?


I’m sorry for laughing but, Princess Whitelaw?


If I do have an internet nickname, I don’t know it.

Duuude, you don’t know the half of it! There’s this thing called ‘Pine!Rage’, where - I literally have no idea why - people get so upset with me, they just want to throw food at my face. And there’s something else about pie, the list goes on. There’s like, blogs dedicated to Photoshopping socks onto me, like…? Whitelaw’s my middle name, but like… Princess?!

If you don’t have one, you’re damn lucky. 


I know that feeling all too well, its at its worse when it’s a show and you’ve had long to connect with them 


Ooh, yup. This character’s only been in 22 episodes, but she was one of the main cast and it just seems so ridiculously sudden… I’m really quite hurt. 

You’re another captain, aren’t you? Hook, right?

Should’ve Met Sooner || PineCuoco


Kaley climbed under the sheets, stretching out until she was comfortable. “Hmm.. night.” She mumbled sleepy and sated, her mind still clouded from the drink and drugs. She hadn’t even thought of checking her phone before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, Kaley awoke to sunlight piercing through the window. She kept her eyes firmly shut, willing herself to go back to sleep and for the dull throbbing in her head and metallic taste in her mouth to go away. She rolled over and her eyes flew wide open when she realised she wasn’t in her own bed. And there was someone else there two. Images and memories of the previous night flooded back into her head - the music, the drinking, the smoking. Reckless things a mother should not have been doing. And realising she wasn’t wearing anything, sleeping with someone she just met was another thing to add to the list. Untangling herself from Chris, she slowly sat up, running a hand through her tangled blonde tresses. And by the way her head was spinning, it was evident she was still pretty drunk. 

Eyes fluttering open, Chris wondered why the ceiling in his hotel room had changed color. Before realizing it wasn’t the same ceiling. With a grunt, he lifted his head up, staring baffled at Kaley as if she had three heads an was playing the kazoo. “What the f…” he shook his head, a harsh ringing sound in his ears.

There was a slight breeze in the hotel room, as some of the window vents had been opened, and Chris found his naked body a little colder once he sat up to survey the situation, completely surprised by the amount of skin that was on show this morning. He tugged at the sheets to keep himself decent, not that it would really matter. “Hey, listen, I…” His degree in English meant nothing now, Chris could not find the words. “I’m… Sorry? Is that…? No?” He clutched his forehead and massaged his temple, completely embarrassed.